Kalamata King Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4L)
Dandaragan Estate

Kalamata King Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4L)

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Australian grown Kalamon olives

Known for its distinct grassy-green colour. It is smooth and fruity that is perfect for dipping and drizzling.


This exquisite oil is perfect as dipping oil and for drizzling over fish, meat, vegetables and salads.


To enquire about Dandaragan Estate EVOO, contact us.

For wholesale enquiries, email karenwee@dandaraganestate.com.au.

About Dandaragan Estate

Dandaragan Estate is home to Australia’s Ultra Premium Extra Virgin olive oils. Dandaragan Estate oils come from olives grown in the Moore River region and harvests its own olives for blending into its award-winning Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Our very own farm, Wickham Olive Grove, is situated in the agricultural shire of Gingin in the Moore River Region of Western Australia, which has a Mediterranean type climate ideal for growing premium quality olives since 1846. Following organic practices and free from chemical application, our farm is famous for our reputable farming and quality produce.

Zagro has over 60 years of experience in the agribusiness industry with presence in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company has taken a strategic interest in olives and decided to selectively invest in agri-farming of non-commoditized products, with olive farming identified as one promising avenue. This decision led to the acquisition of Wickham Olive Grove and Dandaragan Estate.

For more information, visit https://dandaraganestate.com.au/.

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