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Zaza Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats - 100ml

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Active Ingredient(s):

Fipronil 0.25% w/v

What is Zaza Tick Spray?

Zaza Tick Spray fast acting, convenient, effective, long-lasting, and easy to use application for the treatment and control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice on adult dogs, cats and for puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or older.

For: Cats and Dogs (8 weeks of age and older)


  • Treatment and control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice. 1. Fleas: Kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs Stops existing infestations and prevents establishment of new infestations Kills fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) 2. Lice: Rapidly eliminates chewing lice infestations 3. Ticks: Kills all life stages of ticks (Larva, nymph, adults) Kills ticks (Including ticks responsible for tick fever)
  • Remains waterproof for 30 days, even if your dog or cat swims or is bathed
  • Fast Acting and long lasting
  • Easy to use & Convenient

How it works:

The active ingredient Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide belonging to the phenylpyrazole chemical family. It disrupts the insect central nervous system by blocking GABA-gated chloride channels and glutamate-gated chloride (GluCl) channels.

In the event of overdose:

Contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency room.

What are the side effects:

Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately.

How should I store this product:

Store this product at room temperature. Store in the original container. To dispose wrap original container in several layers of newspaper and discard in trash. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

How to Use:

Directions for use:

  • Spray the body of animal from a distance of 10-20 cm against the direction of hairs until hair coat get wet.
  • Apply on entire body of animal giving main attention to affected area. Allow animal to dry. In order to dampen the coat down to the skin, depending on the length of hair, apply 3 to 6 ml per kg bodyweight, (7.5 to 15 mg of active ingredient per kg bodyweight). i.e. 6 to 12 pump applications per kg bodyweight of the 100 ml presentation.
  • Always Wear household latex gloves while using Quic FIP spray.

Administration :

The following tables show the number of sprays required for each animal and how many sprays each bottle contains.

100ml Bottle - 200 sprays per bottle (0.5ml Per spray)

Animal Weight Short hair Medium Hair Long Hair
1kg 6 9 12
5kg 30 45 60
10kg 60 90 120
20kg 120 180 -
30kg 180 - -
40kg  - - -


Short hair = less than 2cm length,

Medium hair = between 2cm - 4cm length,

Long hair = over 4cm length.

Pack size: 100ml

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