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Organic-based fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides

Zagro, an established leading animal health and crop care company for the past 60 over years, and headquartered in Singapore, has long recognised the growing global organic movement, and environmental conscious public. As a socially responsible organisation with ownership of 150 trademarks, 782 crop care registrations and 522 animal health registrations across more than 70 countries, along with intellectual property, and comprehensive distribution networks, Zagro Health was set up as a specialised unit to focus on providing its own range of organic-based garden care products to cater to the markets. Not only Zagro’s organic-based products improve your crop yields, it is also environmentally friendly to Mother Nature.


Our line of garden care products includes Blue Dusk (organic snail killer) which contains iron granules that are uniquely toxic to slugs and snails, yet does not harm humans, and plants. Unlike the typical commercially available insecticide where one might typically apply to the soil to ward off unwanted insects like snails, the iron granules from Blue Dusk does not contain much chemically harmful mix that might contaminate the soil. Your plants can be safely eaten when washed, cooked, and served.

 Zagro Health have also introduced two varieties of organic fertilisers sprays targeted at consumable and ornamental plants respectively. Our Zagro RTU Zarachtin, an organic fertiliser targeted at warding off common pests like caterpillars, mites, and lady bugs that feed on consumable plants like chilli and lime, while the Zagro Zeeplantcare is also another form of organic fertiliser aim at curbing population growth of common pests like aphids, blackflies, greenflies, caterpillars, and other common pests that might cause infestation to ornamental plants say your favourite bonsai, orchids, sunflowers, etc.

 To cater to a growing movement of environmentally conscious consumers, Zagro Health has also introduced three varieties of organic fertilisers that contain natural ingredients to promote plant growth. The three varieties of organic fertilisers Zagro Health offers include the RTU Sea Point which contains natural sea kelp that are not only safe for consumable plants, but also contains a rich mix of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (NPK), and trace elements You can be assured that the kelp ingredients used in RTU Sea Point comes from the best quality sea weeds grown in the cold oceans of South Africa. 


The other two organic fertilisers produced by Zagro Health are RTU Zatilizer Leafy, and RTU Zatilizer Flowering. As synonymous as both products’ names sound, the former is most applicable to leafy plants, while the latter is most applicable to flowers. While both products contain high concentration of NPK, and trace elements, both types of organic fertilisers can be used interchangeably. They perform almost identical functions in fostering plant and flower growth and can be used together with most pesticides and insecticides.

NPK Fertilizers, Insecticide, and Herbicides for Sale

Zagro Health's range of garden care products is perfect for the Singapore home. Our range of products include organic fertilizers and foliar fertilizers, organic insecticide spray, and slug and snail bait. 

  • RTU Sea Point - a seaweed-based organic NPK fertilizer for edible fruits and plants.
  • RTU Zatilizer - a foliar fertilizer containing NPK and trace elemebts, available in two variants—one for Leafy plants and another for Flowering plants.
  • RTU Zarachtin - an organic insecticide safe for use on consumable plants. It’s useful against caterpillars, insects, lady bugs, and mites.
  • RTU Zeeplantcare - an organic insecticide that can be used for all ornamental garden plants and edible crops.
  • Blue Dusk - a slug and snail bait granules that can be used in all garden areas with slugs and snails infestation.

Our organic fertilizers contain NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) and trace elements that encourage growth and flowering in plants. Our products can also be applied to indoor and outdoor plants.

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