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Probejoint for DOGS

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(Green-lipped Mussel extract 50mg, Vitamin E 1,300 IU, cold-pressed olive oil 100 mg)


  • One capsule of green-lipped mussel is full of nutrients
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Provide relief of joint inflammation symptoms, and provide maintenance and nutrition for pet joints
  • Naturally obtained without complicated processing procedures

Dosage & Administration:

For animals of all ages, feed directly or cut the capsule and mix with food at recommended doses.

1 capsule per day under 20kg

2 capsules per day for body weight over 20 kg

It is recommended to double the dose for the first 14 days and take as directed by your veterinarian or professional.

Healthy Pets with Excellent Joint Health

Entering the sunny summer season, we will take our beloved pets to travel everywhere, hoping to run and jump with them and have fun together. But if, suddenly your pet does not want to go out, or it doesn’t like exercising or even showed some abnormalities when walking, you should pay attention to the problem of joints!!

How to assist pet joint health? Here are some of the important tips to take note. 

  1. Diet and nutrition maintenance
  2. Lifestyle modification
  3. Rehabilitation exercise training

Diet and nutrition maintenance

One of the basic requirements is to check whether our pets are obese. It could simply be analyzing the pet's body shape (Body Condition Scope, BCS) and check their body weights at home for the purpose of calculating the pet's shape. Another advice would be to moderately adjust the daily calorie intake of feed, the way of feeding, and reducing their intakes of excessive snacks. Elderly dogs or pets with abnormal walking postures should also be given close attention to moderately adjust their intakes of joint health supplements.

These joint health supplements contain comprehensive vitamins to minimize nutritional deficiencies, ensuring adequate intakes of amino acids to help maintain muscle mass in weak or elderly animals. You may also consider introducing fish oil (DHA, EPA) into their diets to provide improved cardiovascular health, and inhibit the body's inflammatory responses, etc.

Modification of living habits

One should also consider regularly providing a suitable exercise programmed that is tied to the age and BCS of pets; try minimizing violent running or jumping, and provide a safe playing space with non-slip ground at home, or in the living and activity area. Finally, you may also consider providing a corresponding diet plan in conjunction with their ongoing process of weight loss or muscle gain.

If your pets have already shown symptoms of joint problems with pain and discomfort, you may consider changing the daily routine and adjusting the diet. The owner may also help them to do some simple rehabilitation exercises to strengthen their pets’ muscles.

Rehabilitation Sports Training

The joint maintenance of pets is very important regardless of whether it is young or middle-aged and old age. The biggest purpose of rehabilitation is to improve the strength of muscles and the mobility of joints. You may try using appropriate encouragement to restore the spirit and willingness of activities of pets, especially for pets who are naturally lively. However once there is a problem with their mobility, they will also tend to display signs of anxiety. At this time, the owner's regular rehabilitation programmed may need to modify to include exercises, such as walking, massaging, or even subjecting their pets to hydrotherapy sessions. Such moderate types of exercises can greatly enhance the pet's health especially when your pets’ mobility systems are showing signs of gradual weakness. You may also try engaging with your calming emotions towards your beloved pets, as this could help ease their anxiety about their illness.

ZAZAPET Probejoint - DOGS

ZAZAPET Probejoint use green lipped mussels from New Zealand as it contains high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, and is rich in Omega 3, EPA , etc. The study also shows out that there is a special fatty acid called-Furan Fatty Acid in the oil which may be the most important anti-inflammatory effect of green-lipped mussel products.

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