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Vactor 1G (5kg) Mosquito Larvicide - Zagro Health
Vactor 1G (5kg) Mosquito Larvicide - Zagro Health

Vactor 1G (5kg) Mosquito Larvicide

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anti-dengue larvicide

Keep your home safe with VACTOR 1G mosquito larvicide.

What is VACTOR 1G?

VACTOR 1G is a “Ready To Use” mosquito larvicide. It comes as sand granules incorporated with Temephos (1% Active Ingredient) that slowly releases when dropped into water.

Where to use VACTOR 1G?

Use VACTOR 1G at spot treatment in wet land area, lake, pond, water containers, water tanks, water jars, empty tyres, drainage and any other mosquito breeding grounds.

At home, you can use it in most common breeding sites such as flower pots, flower pot plates, collar of the toilet bowl, gully trap, roof gutter, scupper drain, and roadside drain.

How to use Vactor 1G?

Sprinkle a pinch of Vactor 1G to the target areas. Re-apply after 7 to 14 days.


Dengue fever/Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a viral disease spread by the Aedes mosquitoes that live and breed around our homes and work places. 

For the public, the best way is to take precautions to prevent mosquitoes breeding in our homes and offices. To be aware is important. To be alert and proactive is even more important.

Pest control operators and manufacturers of public health products have been active in coming up with solutions to fight dengue. Zagro Singapore Pte Ltd is proud to be one of active members in this war against the Aedes mosquito.

The dengue virus takes about a week to multiply in the patient’s body after the patient is bitten by an infected Aedes mosquito. After one week, fever develops. Other symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomitting, loss of appetite, and pain in the joints and muscles. These symptoms lasts for two to seven days. It is important that the patient receives adequate water and nutrients during this time. If the patient is severely dehydrated, dengue haemorrhagic fever sets in.

Resolution of fever and a drop in platelet count happens between the fifth and seventh day. Rashes appear. Bruises and bleeding appear in some patients. There may be some abdominal discomfort but the patient is on the road to recovery. However, the patient still needs lots of fluids.

We are proud that our VACTOR 1G is the best-selling larvicide which controls the breeding of mosquito species, particularly the dengue-causing Aedes mosquito.


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