* Deliveries available in Singapore only.
* Deliveries available in Singapore only.
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Plant Health

Plant Fertilizers, Insecticide, and Other Garden Care Products for Sale

Zagro Health offers a range of garden care products perfect for the Singapore home. Our range of products include organic fertilizers and foliar fertilizers, organic insecticide spray, and slug and snail bait. 

  • RTU Sea Point - a seaweed-based organic NPK fertilizer for edible fruits and plants.
  • RTU Zatilizer - a foliar fertilizer containing NPK and trace elemebts, available in two variants—one for Leafy plants and another for Flowering plants.
  • RTU Zarachtin - an organic insecticide safe for use on consumable plants. It’s useful against caterpillars, insects, lady bugs, and mites.
  • RTU Zeeplantcare - an organic insecticide that can be used for all ornamental garden plants and edible crops.
  • Blue Dusk - a slug and snail bait granules that can be used in all garden areas with slugs and snails infestation.

Our organic fertilizers contain NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) and trace elements that encourage growth and flowering in plants. Our products can also be applied to indoor and outdoor plants.

For product enquiries, information, or bulk orders, contact us.